COVID Update, IQAir Cleaning Technologies and Preventative Measures


Our Staff Wears Personal Protection Equipment

We are committed to protecting our clients. Our staff wears Personal Protection Equipment, and there are no known cases of Covid being transmitted in a dental setting.

IQAir Cleaning Technologies

The dental workplace can expose dentists, staff, and patients to a wide variety of air pollutants during routine dental work. Clean air protects the health of patients and staff.

The most effective infection control in a dental office consists of a high-performance air purifier with source capture using extraoral suction and negative pressure equipment to prevent infectious airborne aerosols from ever leaving the dental operatory.

The IQAir Dental Series was specifically developed to provide flexible, effective, and affordable air cleaning solutions for dental offices for infection control, extraoral suction, and easy setup of negative pressure environments.

In addition to the IQAir purifiers (see below), other preventative measures that we are taking…

  1. All patients are asked covid screening questions and have their temperature taken before their appointment.
  2. No waiting room.  The patients wait in their cars and are called to come in when we have a room ready for them.
  3. All rooms are sitting idle for the required amount of time to allow the aerosols to settle, then are thoroughly cleaned before the next patient.
  4. Patients are asked to do a 60 second mouth rinse prior to treatment to reduce germ spread.
  5. Patient chairs are 6 feet apart.
  6. Whole office HEPA air filter installed.
  7. Plexiglass installed at check-in and check-out.
  8. Clinic staff are wearing respirator masks along with a surgical mask and face shield; hair cover, water resistant gown.
  9. Clinical staff shoes are sprayed and left in the office overnight.
  10. Frequently touched surfaces are cleaned frequently.
  11. Patient rooms are cleaned after every patient, whole office is being deep cleaned twice per week.

We are a Delta Premier provider.